Modern Day Ninja Kicks Internet In The Mouth With YouTube Stunt Reel [VIDEO]

I’m going to level with you, internet, when I was sent this stunt reel I had just hit my quota for parkour videos. One can only watch a guy flip around on some rocks so many times before getting burnt out on free running.

I watched the first half of “AZO Showreel 2012” with the same level of indifference I reserve for children’s theater and anyone who starts a conversation with “Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?” That is, until this modern day ninja started kicking sharpened sticks into walls. Yeah, you read that right.

What’s more insane about this video is the fact that it resembles more of a super-powered dating profile than an actual stunt reel. At some point, the proprietor of these martial arts bursts out of his clothes while doing a jump kick. That’s not even a stunt.

Pull yourself together, modern ninja, and decide whether you want to find true love or kick someone in teeth. I support both options either way.


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