Mother’s Heartbreaking YouTube Plea Goes Viral After Her Death [VIDEO]

At 30 years old, Jennifer Johnson was too young to die. With two beautiful young kids that she nicknamed her “heartbeats,” and an adoring husband, Jennifer desired nothing more than to grow old beside her loved ones. Back in 2011, 5 months into her second pregnancy and basking in the glow of her recent engagement, Jennifer was told by doctors that she had a rare form of heart disease called hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy which over time would harden the heart causing a restriction of blood flow. With an open heart surgery standing in between her and her future, Jennifer turned to YouTube asking viewers for help.

After the insertion of a pacemaker in 2012, doctors had discovered that a wire from the device had come loose and that they would need to operate once again. Before they could perform open heart surgery, Jennifer needed to complete necessary dental work. Without dental insurance, and an expensive surgery ahead of her, Jennifer created a flashcard story in a YouTube video asking people to donate. In the video, Jennifer holds back tears as she shares her story card by card. In between photographs of her children and her dream of being “fixed,” Jennifer shares her fear of dying at a young age. Her video ended up raising $440, enough to complete her dental work and move forward with her surgery. After her operation on December 14th 2012, Jennifer suffered post-operation complications and died 3 days later. Jennifer’s video has since gone viral after her death, leaving behind a big message for her little “heartbeats.”

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