Must Watch: Reverse Enginears Return With ‘Nintendope: A Brief History of Nintendo’

The guys from Reverse Enginears have given video game junkies more reason to yearn of old titles like “Duck Hunt,” “Doom” and “Super Mario Bros” with their musical retrospectives like “A Brief History of Videogames” and “The Evolution of PC Games.” Both videos have gone viral since they were uploaded on YouTube.

Now Reverse Enginears is bringing back the nostalgia with their tribute to Nintendo. Travel through three decades of Nintendo’s history from the debut of “Super Mario Bros.” in 1985 to games featured on the Wii console in this viral clip titled “Nintendope: A Brief History of Nintendo.” The YouTube video features an electronic music remix of Nintendo sound effects and soundtracks.

Check the video below, and tell us which important Nintendo games they’ve missed.


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