Evil Snowman Prank Scares Up Christmas Joy [VIDEO]

Apparently, the world’s go-to swear word is “shit.”

Just about everybody who gets caught up in this snowman’s web of cruel humor exclaims some variation on the word, which if you are filming a hidden camera prank, lets you know you are doing something right.

This winter-themed lark (that’s a cutting edge phrase, right? you youngsters jive on that sort of thing, yeah?) from the web comedy team “The Scary Snowman” have brought you fresh, exciting … wait … this is episode 5 of season three of this “show”? They’ve essentially done this same one-note joke a bunch of times before? And they’ve racked up hundreds of thousands of views for all this, with a bunch of subscribers? These guys have stumbled onto Rumplestiltskin’s secret for spinning gold! And you mad bastards are just letting them get away with it. I mean, my God, how many different ways can you watch a “scary snowman” surprise people? This channel has over 254,000 subscribers too! You realize this means that there are 254,000 people sitting out there saying, “Man, I can’t wait to see what regular folks that scary snowman makes exclaim ‘shit’ next!”

I think this video perfectly captures my love/hate relationship with the internet. Still, watching it beats spending time with loved ones.



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