Must-Watch Video: Metallica-Themed Christmas Display Goes Viral on YouTube

Wanna know how to make your neighbors really hate you?

A YouTube creator who calls himself “Slayer Bob” has just stumbled on what might be the coolest Christmas light spectacle out there: A Very (Loud) Metallica Christmas.

Synchronizing Santa, snowmen and a little drummer elf to bang out a medley of Metallica songs on what are normally silent nights (per many Christmas-related odes and tomes), Slayer Bob has set the new standard for trending Christmas videos this year and managed to manipulate his Christmas display into the hardest-rocking front yard (possibly aside from Glenn Danzig’s) on the planet.

Working off Pinnacle Studio (very modestly priced editing software) and eroding roughly 50 hours of his life (which coincidentally(?) is the same amount of time it takes to create Honey Boo Boo trash art) for programming, this “neighbor of the year” has said, “Damn it all to noise laws” in order to strike internet bronze. With over 186,000 views so far, one can’t help but wonder how many views he’d have gotten if he chose to play relevant music.

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