Must-Watch Video: ‘Road Head’ Is The Best Short Film in Its Narrow Genre

So I’m going to admit something here that I’m sure will cause me to be the outcast of my peers and the scorn of my grandma, should she be reading (jesus, grandma, I hope you’re not reading this stuff): I have never experienced road head. Since we’re admitting things here, I guess I should also clear up the possible lingering question — I have also never given road head.“Handy,” yes, road head no. Am I proud? No, but my life isn’t over — I’m sure my love of trashy women will score me something or other in the years ahead.So why all the unfettered honesty in a fine family publication such as this? Well, I’ve just seen the finest short film on road head currently in existence (I think, at least, but then, shameful admission #2: I haven’t done as much research on the subject as I should have). In fact, it’s such a definitive short film on the topic that it’s actually called “Road Head.” And get this: it’s a psychological thriller.

If that doesn’t grab you by the balls (or … lady balls … I guess), perhaps you don’t deserve road head. In any sense of the phrase. I’d say the film is SFW, but then I guess it depends on where you work, doesn’t it, padre? (Some priest totally got his mind blown right now)