New YouTube Camera App Allows Creators To Upload and Promote Videos on the Fly

Upgrade your data plan right now because you’ll be sharing your videos from your iPhone and iPod Touch much quicker with this new YouTube app.

While the biggest selling point for the YouTube Capture app is that it lets you share and send videos from your phone at lightning speed, it also has some enhancements such as color correction and image stabilization that will make your video more appealing for viewers to watch. If you also want to add a soundtrack to your clip, you can also make it happen through the app.

The Capture app will also remind you to rotate your phone so your video won’t suffer from “Vertical Video Syndrome.”

The app will be available on iTunes today. Once you’ve downloaded it, if you want to shoot video, open the app and press the record button. When you’re finished recording, press the circular button on your right and you can start editing your video and sharing it simultaneously on YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks.

Check out YouTube’s trailer promoting its new app below, and tell us if you’re planning to use it in the comments section:


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