New YouTube Layout To Feature Centered Video Viewer And Enhanced Channel Recommendations

In an email sent to all of their creators, YouTube announced, “Soon you’ll see an improved YouTube, one you helped us build.” The “improved YouTube” they are referring to is the highly anticipated new layout that the video site has been testing recently.

The message to creators details the steps YouTube has taken to answer the many questions and concerns their partners have had over the past year. Chief among them, an improved subscription box, a streamlined home page and simplified channel navigation options.

The new layout will support partners’ channels, as YouTube writes, in three specific ways.

This is a huge improvement from the current homepage guide. Now, instead of fans only being alerted of new uploads in specific locations, this omnipresent guide will guarantee that people are always being alerted of new videos.

This isn’t simply an aesthetic choice; by moving the video viewer to the center, YouTube is making the viewing experience more cinematic. This is a way for YouTube and creators to combat viewers being distracted by other videos that were previously found in the right-hand sidebar. It is all about keeping audiences on a single channel, and this is a tool that will make it happen.

This is a fairly vague update, especially because YouTube doesn’t go into great detail on it. Enhanced channel recommendations could refer to an updated algorithm tailored to users’ specific tastes or a redesigned recommendation menu. Either way, this will hopefully mean more subs and more views for partners.

The new layout isn’t here just yet, but bits and pieces of the update have been popping up on some user’s dashboards, including a couple at NMR. You can check out our ongoing coverage of YouTube’s new layout here, here and here.

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