NHL Sends Holiday Card To Angry Hockey Fans Via Facebook, Trolling Ensues

The NHL lockout is bullshit. In case you weren’t following, NHL franchise owners have essentially canceled the season in a disgusting attempt to force their players into pseudo-serfdom. It’s greed breeding greed leaving thousands jobless and hurting without the surge of hockey fan-based revenue.

Hockey fans around the world (okay, just Canada and Russia) are understandably upset. They became understandably even more upset when the NHL decided to post their annual holiday card this past week.

Their “holiday” card, which features several mascots dressed as Santa Claus (even though everyone knows Detroit’s Al the Octopus is Jewish), was posted on Facebook last week, and has since racked up over 4,000 comments, very few of them positive.

It turns out that wishing a cheer-filled holiday to people who you’ve robbed a season from isn’t an awesome idea. The result of the Facebook holiday card looked something like this:

Again, if you are going to reach out via social media, try to remember that people can and probably will hijack your well-wishing. A big swing and a miss National Hockey League — wait, am I getting my sports metaphors confused again? Slam dunk.