Old School Computer Components Perform ‘We Are Young’ by Fun [VIDEO]

When people talk about the “good” of the internet, this is exactly the sort of thing that they are talking about.This YouTube video, which shows old school computer components ticking, tapping and whirring out the melody of “We Are Young” by Fun, is non-harmful genius at work type stuff. While it isn’t raising money for cancer research or building homes for quadruple-amputee soldiers, this video still breathes life into the human spirit and will hopefully inspire viewers to progress further into this sort of innovation.

And the fact that this video is going viral means that the odds of that are pretty damn good. This world is good and worth fighting for. That’s a good line, right? I didn’t make that up — that’s from a movie or something. The bottom line is, people everywhere are creating and doing asskicking things — and I get to witness and write about it. What a cool planet.

Hmm … I think these ‘shrooms are working…

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