‘Party @ Ur House’ Might Be The First Sign Of The Mayan Apocalypse [VIDEO]

Sometimes I worry that making fun of things on YouTube has become too easy. One can only view so many “American Boys” and “It’s Thanksgivings” before feeling their soul quietly slip into the ether.

It is clear that Thamys — the proprietor of the below video — really admires musical artist and ghost seductress Ke$ha. From the painfully stylized song title, “Party @ Ur House” to the leather studded nightmare outfit, Thamys is trying her hardest to channel her inner party god — no, not Dionysus, but rather, a god of ritual madness.

The end result is something far more horrific than walking in our your parents having sex a hundred times in a row. Although similarly, “Party @ Ur House” may result in the questioning of one’s sexuality followed by a strong desire to be hit over the head with a piece of mortar.

Party on Thamys. Party on planet Earth.