Pharrell Williams Interviews KAWS, David Salle in YouTube ‘ARTST TLK’ Series [VIDEO]

Pharrell has been a jack-of-all-trades in his illustrious two-decade career as an accomplished musician, record producer and fashion designer.

But would you ever consider Pharrell Williams as an art critic? Well, yes, considering he recently launched his art interview YouTube series “ARTST TLK” on the Reserve Channel which also features artistic and culinary programming from “Top Chef’s” Tom Colicchio and actress Joy Bryant.

In this clip below, Pharrell casually interviews visual artist David Salle and graffiti artist KAWS in a sort of roundtable discussion about their origins and what constitutes their artistic philosophy.

For instance, when discussing with Salle about his work and the criticism he faced in his first few years as an artist, Pharrell compares critics’ perceptions to people not understanding a foreign language.

He says:

“When people can’t sort out or make out what it is you’re trying to say, it’s because you’re speaking in a different language. It’s almost as if you’re speaking in English and you’re deciding that you want to use the phonetics of a word versus what man’s popular definition of a word to make your own sentence.”

During the interview, Pharrell introduces an NSFW surprise that will surely make this art program more — ahem — exciting than others of its kind. Still, Pharell’s “ARTST TLK” gives a younger yet intellectual perspective on modern art.

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