Powerball Hoax Likely ‘Most Shared’ Facebook Post Ever

I remember there was this viral clip of a radio contest going around the Internet, where the show hosts were giving away “100 Grand.” And this guy wins, and the hosts ask him, “What are you going to do with your 100 Grand?” And the guy is so excited, he starts naming off all the things he’s gonna do, how he’s going to buy a new truck and pay off his debts, and on and on. Then, one of the hosts asks him how he’s going to buy all that stuff with a candy bar. I bet that is how a lot of people are feeling on Facebook right now.

Nolan Ryan Daniels, a Phoenix software engineer, just became the least-liked person on the social media site after he posted a photo of himself holding a “winning” Powerball lotto ticket with the caption, “Looks like I won’t be going to work EVER!!!! Share this photo and I will give a random person 1 million dollars!” Needless to say, the ticket was Photoshopped and the hoax worked.

By Sunday morning, despite being revealed as a fake, the post was still being shared at roughly 100 times a minute, with approximately 1 in every 500 of Facebook’s total users having shared the story. The hoax has now been shared well over 2 million times. This likely makes it the most shared post ever. To contrast, the most shared item of 2011 was a story about the Japanese tsunami, which only netted 600 thousand shares.

Over 23 thousand posts have now been made on Daniels’ Facebook page with the tide turning from messages of hope and goodwill from families detailing their personal hardships to the more traditional comments such as “Ur a dick” and the always popular, “Karma!” Lets say that this this wasn’t a hoax. Do people realize that with over 2.5 million shares for Daniels to pick a “random person” from, many of them actually have better odds of winning their own state’s real Lotto?

Still, I think “Internet law” should force Daniels to pick an actual random person and pay up, in installments, over the course of many, many years. If you like the idea, share this story with as many people you know. I call “Dibs” on getting the cash though.

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