Project For Awesome 2012: YouTube Community Unites For Charity

As one the biggest and most public feuds among the YouTube community cools to a simmer, it’s a good time to remember that this industry wasn’t always about cashing in. In its origins, YouTube was a community of young creators who wanted to make funny or poignant videos and share them with the world. It wasn’t about networks, CEOs or AdSense accounts; it was about creating wonderful videos and sharing them, because maybe, they might make someone’s life a little better.

In those origins, a group of YouTube creators got together to create the Project for Awesome. Created by a group of creators and communities to “support charities and other ways of decreasing the overall worldwide level of suck,” the Project of Awesome is currently going through its 2012 round of funding.

A live stream is currently being broadcast at the Vlog Brother’s YouTube channel, which will continue through the next 48 hours.


Funds raised from the Project of Awesome campaign will be distributed to a charity chosen by the YouTube community. Videos detailing why a charity of your choosing should receive the funds can be uploaded to the Project for Awesome website where visitors will pick their favorites. The top five charities will then split the money raised by the Project for Awesome.

So how can you help? The Project for Awesome has an Indiegogo campaign running for just four more days. Contributors will receive various gifts for their donations including The Men of YouTube calendar featuring Hank and John Green, Phil DeFranco, Harley Morenstein and Freddie Wong. Think of it like a sexy firefighter calendar with no firefighters or six packs. So, actually, don’t think of it like that.

You can check out the live stream now and donate to the Project for Awesome here.

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