Relive Your Most Embarrassing Moments Through Facebook’s ‘2012 Year In Review’

It’s that time of the year when everyone and their mothers are coming up with end of the year lists. What are the best albums of 2012? What are the most embarrassing moments of the year? You get the picture.

Facebook is joining the best of the year bandwagon by compiling your 20 most embarrassing important moments of 2012. Do you remember the time your friend captured you on video when you were singing that Gotye song? Facebook wants you to remember it and share it with your friends with their “Year in Review” section.

In your profile page, you can see which status updates, photos and life events that Facebook chose by clicking on the “See Your 2012 Year in Review” link on the right side below your cover photo.

I don’t know how Facebook came up with the algorithm for the 20 biggest moments of 2012, but what was chosen for mine were a lot of profile picture changes and some mundane status updates about a photo I shared that a dozen people seemed to like. Although my Facebook best of 2012 is ordinary at best, I can’t imagine how others will feel when they see that Facebook selected photos of them passed out on a lawn as one of the most significant moments of the past year.

As a reminder for 2013, post responsibly or Facebook will make your relive those moments just in time for Christmas.