‘Ruby Skye PI’ Web Series Creator and Star Want Young Viewers to Play the Detective [INTERVIEW]

Growing up, I loved Nancy Drew. I spent many nights hiding under my covers with my flashlight devouring page after page of her adventure. Her feisty personality and stubbornness in solving the unsolvable left me in anticipation of my own adventures and looking for mystery everywhere. In situations that were entirely normal — the case of the missing groceries just turned out that my mom already put them away– my wish to be a true detective would often get the best of me. So when my Skype interview began with fellow Nancy Drew bibliophile Jill Golick, I knew my day had just taken a fortuitous turn for the better.

As the executive producer, writer and creator of social web series “Ruby Skye PI,” Jill’s vision for the production was to create a world of mystery wherein viewers could take the lead role of detective within. The series follows the adventures of amateur detective Ruby Skye, played by Madison Cheeatow, a teenage girl with an eye for the unusual. With a curiosity that often gets the best of her and a stubbornness to discover the truth no matter the cost, Ruby often enlists the help of her semi-reluctant friends to get to the bottom of the strange happenings in her community. Viewers are encouraged to put their own detective skills to good use by playing a role in solving clues and answering questions at the end of each episode. Users  are given the opportunity to join Ruby’s gang through the show’s use of multiple social media platforms to make each viewer feel involved in the decision process of how the show will proceed. Well into its second season, “Ruby Skye PI” has received numerous awards for being a pioneer in bringing youth friendly programming into the world of social media. I got the chance to sit down with Jill and Madison to talk about what it takes to bring the haunts of their imagination onto our video screens.

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