Santa Uncensored: Learn the Truth About Ole’ Saint Nick in ‘Sh*t Santa Says’ Meme [GALLERY]

And a ho ho ho to you too … you little bastards.

Santa’s job isn’t an easy one. He’s forced to live in the freezing cold North Pole with a wife that resembles Paula Dean and is constantly surrounded by squeaky voiced elves who could be planning mutiny at every turn. And the one month he has to interact with the rest of the human race, kids are either screaming at him or sobbing and wetting his newly ironed suit. The most wonderful time of the year? Yeah, try the worst month of Santa’s life.

Bringing us the hard truth about the holidays, these Sh*t Santa Just Said memes paint an uncensored glimpse into the real conversations shared between your children and the man in the red suit. So break out the cookies and milk holiday lovers because Santa Claus is coming to town, and this time, he’s not taking your kid’s bullshit sitting down.

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