Schwag For Everyone: New Media Expo Is 2013’s Destination For All Things Digital Media

The problem with the term “new media” is that it is very vague. In a way, new media could apply to any media platform that existed after cave paintings. Technically, if we are going to categorize digital media as “new media,” then we should at least have more accurate bounding boxes in which to hold books, film and television.

There is no final word on what exactly constitutes a new media platform. But, the rise of new media expos is certainly helping define this indistinct classification.

NMX 2013 is one such expo, which will bring the best and brightest in new media all together for three days of everything and anything digital media.

Of course, with the name NMX (New Media Expo) a clear distinction of which industries will benefit from attending the event is totally necessary. Jeff Koenig, NMX’s Director of Web TV and Vide0, explained the mission behind NMX saying: “This whole digital revolution that we are experiencing applies across the board to all types of media. This is the only place that I know of that bring together professionals working in new media, whether they are beginners or small blogs or experienced pros.”


The three-day event will focus on digital medias like blogging, podcasting and web series production. With featured speakers like influential blogger Guy Kawasaki and YouTube comedian Jason Horton, NMX will provide rookie and veteran creators with seasoned advice and feedback.

“The intent for everyone attending New Media Expo is all the same, that is to take people who are working in new media as a business and giving them the skills to go to the next level,” Koenig explained.

Many of these new media professionals, however, have made careers out of dishing out advice on their personal blogs and web shows. So why attend NMX if you could just get the same advice in pajamas on your couch? Koenig argues that the power that a conference like New Media Expo has over a Twitter conversation “is the ability to make personal connections and personal introductions.”

Within NMX exists not only the potential to network with thousands of creators working in the new media industry, but also the ability to receive cross-platform training.  There is no rule that demands bloggers separate themselves from YouTube creators. The same techniques that a podcaster uses to engage audiences can just as easily be applied to a vlogger’s channel, and NMX wants to explore those possibilities.

Koenig explains: “We’re not looking at the best information that we can create for just bloggers or web TV and video creators. There is a part of the conference that is focused on finding the parallels between those three business plans.”

NMX 2013 starts January 6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. For NMR readers, NMX is offering a 10% discount with the code VID10. You can check out more here.

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