Sex+ Takes On Jenna Marbles Over Sluts — Hell Yeah, I Got To Write That

This might shock you some, but I am actually sort of a feminist.

I firmly maintain that women are equal to men. I hate that society makes them wear tops at the beach, I hate that women getting cosmetic surgery to look like Barbie dolls is frowned upon by other women too jealous to put in a little hard work, and most of all, I hate that society looks down on them for giving “it” out to any swinging dick that comes along. Ladies, do what you want to be happy. Also, refresh my bourbon while daddy writes this article. I don’t like my cocktails to get too watery….

Okay, so I am on the very fringe of feminism, but Laci Green, the host of the progressive YouTube show Sex+, and I are in complete agreement on some things. Mainly, we are both tired of women being looked down upon for expressing their sexual freedom. While I do encourage women to be sexually assertive, I do look down on them for banging the same cliche dudes, so there is that …

In her latest viral webisode, Laci takes on the reigning queen of webdom, Jenna Marbles, over a post Jenna made, regarding women not acting like “sluts.” I’ll tell you what: It takes a lot of balls for a woman to attack Jenna Marbles publicly on YouTube, but in this case, Laci is 100% correct. I do part with any objections to use of the word “slut,” though. I feel like we’ve lost too many good nouns/adjectives over the last few years to political correctness to let that one go without a fight.

I hear that Laci is doing an interview with NMR soon; hopefully Jenna takes the time to respond back before then. I think after the horrors of the last few weeks, we all could use a good catfight. Meow.



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