Shay Carl, Philip DeFranco and Kassem G Sound Off On Ray William Johnson Controversy Via Twitter

[Update 12/12/12 12:34 p.m. PST] Other YouTubers are now weighing in on the situation via Twitter:

As the NMR exclusive story behind Ray William Johnson’s controversial separation from Maker Studios hit the Twittersphere, YouTubers scrambled to take sides either for or against the popular digital video network. One of those YouTubers defending the network is Maker Studios co-founder Shay Carl. The influential YouTube creator tweeted “Just dropped off the kids at school. Anything exciting happen on twitter last night?” playfully hinting at the explosion of tweets and retweets pertaining to Ray William Johnson’s full disclosure regarding his soured experience with Maker Studios.

One Twitter user responded to Shay Carl saying:

After Shay Carl suggested that Ray William Johnson had painted Maker Studios in a one-sided light, YouTuber Philip DeFranco tweeted at Shay Carl saying:

DeFranco’s YouTube channel SourceFed has become one of YouTube’s top performing original channels while maintaining a mostly independent status throughout. DeFranco has been the primary example of a YouTuber maintaining control of his intellectual property with network Revision3.

Maker Studios content creator KassemG responded to DeFranco by asking:

The exchange that followed can be taken in several different ways. However, the shows BamBamKaboosh, LikeTotallyAwesome, and DeFrancoUpdate that KassemG mentions are three of DeFranco’s failed YouTube channels, so take it however you see fit.

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