‘He Has Never Been A Part Of The YouTube Community’: Shay Carl Responds To RWJ’s Allegations Against Maker Studios

As news of Ray William Johnson’s feud with Maker Studios over the creator’s Adsense account broke this morning, the number one pro-Maker voice people wanted to hear from was that of Shay Carl. As an original founder of Maker Studios and influential veteran YouTube creator, Shay Carl has become a beacon for people hoping to turn YouTube into a full-time career and a staple of the YouTube community.

Early this morning via Twitter, Shay Carl announced regarding the Ray William Johnson controversy that, “Yea I have a LOT to say, I’m just trying to figure out how I want to word it.”

The veteran vlogger explained further that he was going to explain Maker Studios’ side of the story, “but first I have to go for a long LONG run.”

Shay Carl  has just issued a response to Ray William Johnson’s claims in a vlog that you can check out below.


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