Skateistan Brings Education and Skating Fun To Underprivileged Afghan Girls [VIDEO]

More than 10 years into America’s presence in Afghanistan, the Afghan people are still trying to recover from years of warfare. One of the pressing issues facing that country today is education, especially educating young girls who may not get to attend school because of religious pressures and lack of adequate facilities.

The non-profit organization Skateistan provides educational and skateboarding programs in Afghanistan and many other countries. Not only are underprivileged girls getting a quality education, but they’re learning a thing or two about conquering those ramps. Watch out beach kids, Afghanistan’s girl skaters may be the future of skateboarding!

See how Skateistan combines educating Afghanistan’s youth and getting them to work the ramps in the informative YouTube video below. If you want to help Afghanistan’s young students, you can donate to Skateistan right here.

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