Smosh Overtakes Nigahiga For 2nd Most Subscribed YouTube Channel

YouTube’s most popular comedic duo Smosh overtook Nigahiga as the second most subscribed channel on the video-sharing site late last week.

According to VidStatsX, Smosh has added 117,321 subscribers this past week to bring their total to 6,462,739. In comparison, Nigahiga has gained 73,282 subscribers in seven days, and his total stands at 6,433,373 — a 29,366 difference between the two channels.

The comedic duo has come a long way since we interviewed them back in early April. They have added more than 2 million subscribers since June and reached the 6 million mark back in November. At that continued rate, we can expect Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla’s channel to reach 7 million subscribers by early next year.

After kicking Nigahiga out of his number two spot, the road to the top could become a reality. They are only 86,079 subscribers away from unseating Ray William Johnson, the king of YouTube, who recently had a falling out with Maker Studios over his channel and his AdSense account.

Could Ray William Johnson’s recent drama with Maker give Smosh a boost to the number one spot? Maybe, but Smosh’s wild success on YouTube with their main channel as well as their side ventures Shut Up! Cartoons and Smosh Games will get them to the top in a matter of months in spite of the drama.

Here’s hoping that Smosh will reach the 7 million mark real soon.

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