Stop Motion Recreation of Classic 90s ‘X-Men’ Cartoon Series Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Do you remember spending Saturday mornings watching cartoons, especially the “X-Men” animated series? YouTube creator Kyle Roberts is hoping you’ll remember it extra fondly after watching his latest video.

The video skit begins when a student at the Xavier School shows the new girl to his dorm room, where they watch a video cassette of the old “X-Men” animated series. Then it cues to Roberts’ stop motion intro, which is faithful to the original right down to the theme song.

The Oklahoman YouTube creator, known for his comic book-related videos, is no stranger to making stop motion recreations of popular animated series. His stop motion intro to the third and current incarnation of the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” series went viral in March with nearly half a million views.

Check out his X-Men video below, and tell us if his stop motion version is faithful to the original one.


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