Strangers Will Be Kissed: Viral Mistletoe Prank Tests Timeless Holiday Tradition [VIDEO]

9 times out of 10, YouTube prank videos are pretty brutal. They either involve trapping some poor soul in an elevator while something dead shouts at them or making innocent bystanders look like complete dicks.

It’s a terrifying trend, one that has me taking the stairs and punching every person who approaches me in public. Sure, the assault charges look bad on my police record, but at least no one is making a chump outta me.

In the spirit of the holiday, a group of college “surveyors” set out to discover if the time-honored mistletoe tradition was still alive. For the benefit of you communists and joyless monsters — during the holidays, if mistletoe is hung above you, you are supposed to kiss the nearest person like a donkey eating an apple.

It’s a great YouTube prank that doesn’t involve fake murdering someone, but rather just kissing strangers in public, which, now that I think about it might be worse. Dang.


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