Sydney Opera House and YouTube to Live Stream Concerts Starting Next Year

When people think of Sydney, one of the first things that comes to mind for many is the Sydney Opera House, a modernist, shell-like performing arts center right on the harbor where 1.2 million people enjoy more than 1,500 performances each year.

Although it will cost you thousands of dollars to fly to Sydney and enjoy one of the thousands of performances at one of Australia’s iconic venues, the Sydney Opera House and YouTube are shortening that distance. It will soon become a live stream hub thanks to the venue’s two-year partnership with YouTube that will present concerts, musicals and theater performances to a global audience. The Opera House will stream about 20 performances, and they will announce the shows that will go live starting early next year.

This is the Sydney Opera House’s second collaboration with YouTube. In 2011, the performing arts center was a venue for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra’s live performance, where musicians from around the world were selected to perform on stage. The Opera House also hosted the Vivid LIVE music festival this year, where YouTube launched its custom camera application called Frontrow, which let’s users zoom in, snap photos and share the shots with their friends.

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