The 2012 NewMediaRockstars YouTube High School Year-End Awards

YouTube is basically high school. You’ve got the geeks, the cool clique, the jocks, the class clowns, and the talented kids who are eventually going to move to SoHo and achieve jackshit. And since no high school would be complete without awards to rank the students and tell them where they stand with their peers, NewMediaRockstars presents the first “NMR YouTube High School Awards.”

We looked at enormous lists of all the best channels and studied copious amounts of footage to determine who in 2012 was the best — the absolute best — at what they do. And then, like real high school, we just made it a popularity contest.

So love ‘em, hate ‘em, debate ‘em, these are the year’s best of the best. Don’t like that you aren’t on the list? Bust your ass in 2013 and make the scene. Then join me for a cigarette behind the gym.

Class Clown:

Best Dressed:

Most Spirited:

Best Eyes:

Best Couple:

Most Athletic:

Best Hair:

Best Personality:

Most Improved:

Most Likely to Succeed:

Most Delinquent:

Prom Queen:

Prom King:

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