The 5 Best Reddit Posts of 2012

As the final days of 2012 tick off the calendar, the fine folks over at Reddit are having their annual “Best of Reddit” posting, where all the neckbeards, trolls and internet elite try to decide which posts over the past year have been the best (although they’re changing it up a bit this year by letting each subreddit vote on its own best). People like to quantify that sort of thing, and I am no different. Because I don’t have any “karma” over there to make my vote count, like a sullen, pouty teenager I’m going to make my own list. And then cut myself to feel alive. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. And then my mom will be sorry she didn’t get me that iPhone 5 for Christmas … So just in time for 2013, I present to you: the five best 2012 posts on Reddit. Haters, downvote accordingly.


5.  I Have Two Vaginas, AMA!

As you will notice, with most of the choices on this list, there is just way too much going on for me to pigeonhole any one thing as really “the best.” But as far as AMA’s (Ask Me Anything — a subreddit which has guests “come on” and interact with the redditors. Any redditor can ask any question and the guest picks and chooses which to answer). This particular AMA was brilliant because it took the taboo away from something very odd. A close, close second for me was actually the AMA done by this girl’s “significant other.” Both are totally worth checking out.

4. Bad Luck Brian

Of all the memes that came out of 2012, this one is by far my favorite. Bad Luck Brian is the penultimate wrong place/wrong time guy. If there is a public situation, he has a boner. If there is an inept sniper in a clocktower, Bad Luck Brian is the only one killed. The guy for whom this meme is based, actually did an AMA. In classic Bad Luck Brian style, the guy had to answer questions about what it is like being famous … for being an “idiot.”

 3. TIL…

This is another category where there are just far too many good topics to really find the best one. TIL (Today I Learned…) is the general trivia/Q&A forum on Reddit where people not only dispense valuable little known (and sometimes dubious!) factoids about the world around them. I chose this specific one because it details the true value of Reddit — that is, opening up dialogues and demystifying the opposite sex for men and women. Here it is men explaining to women all the annoying shit we have to endure because of our gender/parts. Today I Learned that what is usually a common occurrence for men, a lot of the time, women have no idea. And vice versa.

2. Nickbow

Redditors steadfastly (usually) guard their identities for a myriad of reasons. Some of those reasons are unsavory (as you will see), but a lot of the time it is because if people know who you really are, they will also know you are full of shit. Such, apparently, is the case with Nickbow, a frequent Reddit contributor known far and wide for his many “accomplishments.” Mostly people delight in calling him on his bullshit, but occasionally people will bite and lively discussions will follow. i don’t know if Nickbow really is a 6th degree black belt or a semi pro surfer, or any of the other tags he’s associated himself with, but I love reading his bluster.

1. ViolentAcrez

This is, hands down, the biggest event on Reddit this year. A fascinating case of a life going down in flames because of his online habits, “ViolentAcrez” refers to the Reddit handle of Michael Brutsch, a middle-aged computer tech from Texas with a taste for underage cheesecake shots. A popular poster on Reddit, he was was a moderator for several “jailbait” subreddits until the news site Gawker stepped in and exposed him. Brutsch ended up losing his wife, his job and his online account over the incident. Everything relating to this story is interesting, but I’ve highlighted this post in particular because it deals with ViolentAcrez fellow Redditors absorbing the hit to one of their own. As you can see, the Reddit world splits into many fractions, and all of them have their own strong opinion. What an interesting subculture.

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