The 8 Biggest YouTube Brand Deals

Finding massive fame on YouTube often leads to popularity, a living wage and, in many cases, offers from big name advertisers. While some YouTube celebrities like Ray William Johnson have sworn off corporate endorsements, many in the YouTube creator community look to sponsors or collaborations with companies as a means for more money. Here are some of the most notable product promotion deals from new media celebrities.

1. MysteryGuitarMan/Rhett and Link and Coca-Cola/McDonald’s


After viewing MysteryGuitarMan and Rhett and Link’s “T-Shirt War” video, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola hired them to produce two commercials promoting the fast food joints’ $1 any size drink deal.

2. Michelle Phan and Lancôme


Since February 2010, Lancôme has touted YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan as one of their experts. Phan has used their products in several of her videos, which prompted the company to make her one of their endorsers.

3. Wong Fu Productions and AT&T


Wong Fu Productions and AT&T collaborated in August on a web series called “Away We Happened,” which tells the story of two strangers who accidentally switch briefcases at a coffee shop before realizing their mistake.

4. Epic Meal Time and Netflix


Out of the many sponsors that support Epic Meal Time, Netflix is by far the most well-known. If you’re scrounging for a good deal on Netflix, go to No surprise as to why their link is called bacon.

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