The 8 Biggest YouTube Brand Deals

5. KassemG and Axe Hair


In a 2011 “AsKassem” video vlog, the YouTube comedian touted Axe as his sponsor. That explains how he maintains his well-groomed and shiny hair.

6. Randall/Honey Badger and Wonderful Pistachios

The Honey Badger and his sassy narrator Randall are one of the many high-profile celebrities promoting Wonderful Pistachio. Honey Badger cracks those nuts well and just to let you know, he don’t care.

7. DeStorm (with Snoop Dogg and Andy Milonakis) and Hot Pockets


The often-mocked instant meal Hot Pockets hired DeStorm Power to join Snoop Dogg (or Lion) and Andy Milonakis in the viral commercial “Pocket Like It’s Hot.” Yes, there’s even a man dressed as a Hot Pocket doing a breakdance in this clip.

8. Smosh and Assassin’s Creed /Ubisoft


What better way to celebrate the release of “Assassins Creed 3” than having the guys from Smosh singing a catchy electro tune asking “How many mofos can I kill today?” Of course, having more than 15 million views promoting the latest “Assassins Creed” sequel makes the duo perfect spokespersons for anything awesome.

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