The Fine Bros., Philip DeFranco, More YouTubers Weigh in on RWJ & Maker Studios Feud

If the dispute between Maker Studios and Ray William Johnson taught us anything about the YouTube community, it was that this is still a very young industry. Some networks and creators are still far away from building airtight relationships. The falling out of two of YouTube’s biggest players clearly drove this point home.

As this story unfolded over the week, it became clear that some of the biggest names in YouTube, despite the turmoil it faced, still believed in the community they helped create. It would be easy for young creators to see this tale of deception and backbiting unfold so publicly and be turned off from multi-channel networks for good.

It was possibly with this in mind that YouTube celebrities like Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein and comedian Timothy DeLaGhetto decided to weigh in on the public brawl.

The Fine Brothers, Shane Dawson and Philip DeFranco expressed their previous negative dealings with Maker Studios, relating similar stories of the network’s alleged unprofessional methods.

However, something young creators must acknowledge in the face of this tumultuous time for YouTube is that although studios have burned these YouTubers in the past, the creators still were able to have successful careers.

DeFranco is with Revision3, and all signs point towards a happy relationship, while networks like The Collective and Big Frame pride themselves on having the utmost transparency with their partners.

With multi-channel networks snapping up every YouTube creator with a decent following, feeling uneasy about signing on the proverbial X is natural. Just remember that although things are ugly right now, not every YouTube network is out to take advantage of you.

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