The Skyrim Parodies’ Kristen Nedopak Talks Digital Dragon Slaying [INTERVIEW]

Launching a parody channel on YouTube is one tough act to sell. If you were to break down the site’s DNA, somewhere a Weird Al-shaped molecule would be singing “Eat It” while swinging a rubber chicken around like a hopelessly ineffective battle axe. There are thousands of parody-fueled YouTube channels all competing for your views like Roman Gladiators with much less violence and slightly more dick jokes.

This all of course makes putting a parody channel on the public’s radar ridiculously difficult. Kristen Nedopak is hoping her YouTube channel The Skyrim Parodies will rise above the fray of comedic channels with sharp writing and an eye for quality aesthetics. Kristen’s pro production values have even garnered the web series an IAWTV nomination for Best Costume Design.

In honor of The Skyrim Parodies’ triumphant re-launch and nomination, I broke out my Dragonbane (read: laptop), put on my Daedric armor (unwashed sweatshirt) and did some adventuring (conducted a modest interview) with Kristen Nedopak.