The Top 12 Tumblrs of 2012

Can I just be the first to say, it’s been a great year for the ole’ Tumblr-ites. This country has  gotten through some rough days with the laughs from “Robert Pattinson Hates His Life” and the “T-Rex Trying” Tumblrs. Like a time capsule that someday historians will look back on to understand the priorities of the people of 2012, my article hopes to capture our best and most thoughtful Tumblrs of 2012. And what will anthropologists find when they look back on our species?

– We really like animals, like REALLY LIKE them. There seems to be nothing more pleasing to a social media junkie than a photograph of an animal yelling at other animals. Coming from a girl who spent a good hour and a half looking only at animal memes, these developments might be my favorite part of 2012.

– Photos of older white women coupled with sassy captions has become Tumblr gold. From Adele dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire to Hillary Clinton texting, it’s been a dynamite year for our leading ladies.

– Tumblrs can make a social statement. Sure, most Tumblrs are there just for a good laugh but every blue moon a Tumblr pops up that really makes you stop and think. When this happens and these affected communities are thrown into the spotlight, the world begins to change for the better.

As we close out the year, lets clink our glasses to the crème de la crème of the Tumblr world. 2012, you’ve been captured well.

1. LLBean Boyfriend

Featuring some of the sexiest men coupled with even sexier captions, your “LLBean Boyfriend” is the perfect work of fiction. While I doubt there is a man out there that will spend time making homemade syrup that you can eat off both your pancakes and his sweet abs, one can still continue to dream. But until that magical day comes, I guess it’s real men for us.

2. Robert Pattinson Hates His Life

Just try to make it through this Tumblr with a straight face. Just a little gift from the social media world to you.

3. Mansplaining

This thoughtful Tumblr has captured the angry voices of academic women across America. Created by a community of academics who have been talked down to or re-explained their areas of study by men in other fields, the concept of mansplaining has exploded since this Tumblr’s inception in October of this year.

4. Project Unbreakable

My favorite Tumblr of all time, “Project Unbreakable” has captured the stories of thousands of survivors of violence around the world. This Tumblr has allowed men and women to break the silence about their assaults by photographing them holding handwritten posters with the words their perpetrators used against them. “Project Unbreakable” straddles the fine line between creating an online community while still allowing each individual story to shine on it’s own.

5. Cholafied

There are few things better than seeing Mitt Romney with lip liner and a teardrop tattoo under his right eye. I raise my glass to the genius who took the time to take this Tumblr dream and turn it into a reality.

6. Downton Pawnee

Combining two of the best shows into one, “Downton Pawnee” takes stills from the show “Downton Abbey” and pairs it with quotes from the show “Parks and Rec.” The result: proper English ladies yelling things like “ovaries over brovaries.”

7. T-Rex Trying

As my family can attest, I love making T-rex arms. It usually happens when I can’t get my dad’s attention from across the house and, instead of walking up to him, I choose to make a loud animal noise, throw up my T-rex arms and skip around. Is it strange? Yes, 100 percent. But after finding the popular “T-Rex Trying” Tumblr, it seems I’m not the only one using dinosaur arms to chase around their family.

8. Texts for Dog

October Jones has given the world a true gift this year by reposting the texts his dog has been sending him. With comments about everything from his stupid cone hat to fireworks, this Tumblr gives a whole new outlook on the idea of man’s best friend.

9. Rich Kids of Instagram

A favorite among my coworkers, the “Rich Kids of Instagram” Tumblr lets us both critique and dream about the lifestyles of extravagant young people. Warning: Don’t view this Tumblr while holding throwable objects. Accidents have occurred following the exclamations “People live like THIS?! Those assholes!”

10. Facemath

Does it ever seem like Hollywood is just a rotation of similar faces with similar features and styles? That’s because it is! And it all makes sense with a quick look at the ol’ “Facemath” Tumblr. My world is a little clearer now that I know Emily Blunt and Zooey Deschanel’s baby would be Katy Perry. Seriously, look it up.

11. Texts from Hillary

She is a woman not to be messed with. In the wake of the elections and the explosion of political memes — we all remember Romney’s binders of women — Hillary Clinton has taken the front seat with her no BS attitude and unphotogenic demeanor.

12. Animals Talking in All Caps

A Tumblr holding all of my favorite things: animals, sassy captions and more animals. Enjoy.

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