Tubalr Is The Best Online Concept Apparently Nobody Ever Thought Of

Imagine if you could rejigger your YouTube experience into more of an iPod experience. Sounds pretty good, right? A constant stream of only the videos and musical artists you want playing back to back to back for an eternity — or until neighbors notice the smell of your corpse and call the cops.

But that first part is right-on, yeah? Well, lucky for you, Cody Jack Stewart, a web-innovator with three first names, did just that. Tubalr (pronounced Tuba-ler), the absolute worst name for a handy product since the Snuggie, is a free service that shucks all the bull-plop of YouTube and condenses your viewing/listening experience into one that accommodates your hectic schedule. Just sign up, dictate what specific artist you want to watch, and off you go on a magic journey of whimsy and time-wasting. You can also set it to discover artists who are similar to your musical tastes, so if you are a nut for Toni Basil, but feel stuck after you’ve listened to “Mickey” a few dozen times, fear not.

Apparently Stewart engineered this service a couple years ago, but it wasn’t until he posted about it on Reddit and it went to the front page, that it took off — garnering over 5,000 subscribers his first day.

Good stuff like this seldom stays free (once Cody Jack Stewart develops a taste for lobsters dipped in gold we’re all doomed), so sign up now and get your videos on.