Tube-A-Thon, First Web Streaming Online Variety Show Raises Money For Charity [REPLAY VIDEO]

What do What’s Trending, Kevin Pollak-impersonating-Christopher Walken, Virgin Mobile and a bunch of YouTube stars have in common?

How about raising up to $50K for charity? That sounds pretty nice, yeah? Can’t argue with a little heartwarming shit around the holidays.

Dubbed the “Tube-A-Tweet-A-Thon,” the replay of last night’s event, which hopes to be an annual affair, will broadcast tonight at 6 p.m. (PST) on The first ever live-streamed variety show, the event benefits the Covenant House, a nonprofit that helps homeless youth around the country. For every tweet you send using #Tubeathon, Virgin Mobile will donate a buck (up to that $50,000, so nice try bot-makers). They’ve raised $25K, but more can (and should) be done!

The event features a performing who’s who of YouTube and television stars including the Epic Meal Time guys, Daily Grace, Olga Kay, Shay Carl, Taryn Southern and Taryn Manning (ooh, do I sense a name catfight, meow!). Also there’s that Kevin-Pollak-doing-Christopher-Walken-reading-T’was-the-Night-Before-Christmas-as-only-a-man-doing-a-dynamite-Christopher-Walken-impression-can video we’ve linked to. That figures in to the whole she-bang as well.

Shira Lazar, the head mucky-muck at What’s Trending, offered this snippet of feel-goodery in regards to the evening’s festivities:

“We’re so proud to have ignited social media for social good on What’s Trending with the help of Virgin Mobile, our favorite celebrities, YouTube stars and fans around the world. What better way to celebrate the telethons we loved as kids and share the holiday cheer than to give hope and opportunity to the Homeless Youth here in America, and to those displaced by Hurricane Sandy! Hopefully this is the beginning of a yearly tradition that brings together the community for years to come.”

Oh that makes me so cuddly; I just want to hug a koala (actually a bad idea, koalas are known to be quite feisty (read: bitey). But in lieu of that, I will happily send a #Tubeathon tweet to support homeless kids — and also tune in to watch the night’s activities. I suggest you do the same. If you don’t, one of those homeless kids could grow up to rob you. Karma, bitch.

Check out some pictures of the event below:

Photography by Michael Bezjian

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