Tumblr Site Takes Inexplicable Fall, is Currently Down

Tumblr is down; Maker Studios is down— are we experiencing the dark days of the internet? Is this the warm up to the end of the world? Should I be on the lookout for swarms of locusts and hamburgers eating people and crazy shit like that?

In a word, no. While Maker’s issues are likely attributable to hacker retaliation, Tumblr is seeming to experience the far more common system disruption. According to Tumblr’s Twitter account: We’re experiencing slow loading or intermittent errors on certain pages and are working quickly to restore performance. This is programmer codespeak for “someone dropped a cheese sandwich onto the circuit board again.”

The breakdown, which first occurred around 4:06 PM EST, has been gradually returning some accounts to service over the past couple hours, though the majority of the site is still offline.

I guess for now the blog site’s reported 20 million users will just have to complain to themselves for a change.     

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