User @Fart Goes Viral After He Retweets Ungrateful Christmas Tweets

So, you didn’t get the black iPad Mini that you wanted? I bet you’re on Twitter right now ranting about how it’s a travesty that you didn’t get that awesome Christmas present. Here’s a box of tissues. You’ll need it once Jon Hendren is finished with you.

That’s right, the internet writer who goes by the Twitter handle @fart has retweeted some of the most ungrateful Christmas tweets out there — especially from people who didn’t get certain Apple products. Some of the most outrageous retweets include someone threatening to commit suicide if he didn’t get an iPhone 5 and one twitterer saying “FUCK CHRISTMAS” because she only got four presents under the tree.

Hendren’s retweets have been so popular that they’ve been turned into a song by Jonathan Mann titled “Why’d I Get Everything I WANTED?!”

Were Hendren’s retweets a Gawker-esque contribution to society in calling out the most ungrateful out there? Actually, Hendren told TechCrunch that he was just bored over the holidays and thought this would be a cool way to pass the time.

He said: “[My family had] all gone to bed somewhat early on Christmas Eve night, and I was lying awake playing with Twitter’s search function on my iPhone (oddly enough).”

Next time you complain about not getting the black iPad Mini on Twitter, someone more famous that you will probably retweet it and put you to shame.

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