Vimeo Gained One Third Of Their 14 Million Total Users In 2012

Contrary to popular belief, homegrown video-sharing site Vimeo has been killing it all throughout 2012. With YouTube closing what feels like trillion dollar deals every five minutes, it is easy to forget that Vimeo, the herbal tea-drinking member of the video-sharing family has had a tremendous year.

In true indie fashion, accompanied with hand-drawn pictures, Vimeo laid out their month-by-month achievements in a year end roundup. The post waxes poetic about the launch of the new Vimeo back in January among other notable accomplishments like the introduction of the “Tip Jar.”

Additionally, Vimeo announced that 37% of all members joined this year with over 5 million people joining in 2012. With that increase in users, Vimeo now has over 14 million members — not bad for an independent video site.

Although 14 million hardly scratches the surface of YouTube’s user base, which the Google-owned company counts in the “hundred of millions,” Vimeo is still a site on the rise. Over the past year, we have seen Vimeo change gear and move away from being a YouTube competitor. Instead, the site recognized the opportunity to appeal to a specific group of digital filmmakers not interested in YouTube’s parody rap video-fueled wheelhouse.

Big ups Vimeo, keep on rockin in the free world.

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