Vimeo Releases Indie-Infused Top 12 Videos Of 2012 List

It’s always good to hear from our scarf-wearing, Deerhunter-listening friends over at Vimeo. As 2012 comes rocketing to an end (possibly at the hands of a real rocket, thank you very much, North Korea) everyone is casting their votes for the inevitable “Best of 2012” list. And in the cutthroat world of web journalism, “Best Albums” or “Best Movies” lists aren’t cutting it anymore.

Every site is looking to put out their own unique “Best of 2012” list. The once comforting “Best of” list has become strange and perverted in ways that facilitate more than a few “Best Reddit Comments of 2012” and “Best Filmed Pajama Party: Plaid and Paisley” lists.

Vimeo, keeping things classic, have just put out their “Top 12 Videos of 2012” list, and to be honest, it is exactly what I expected it to be. If you’re looking for a “David After Dentist” video, keeping looking because Vimeo brought out all their indie street cred for this list.



Psychedelic indie rockers Tame Impala hold a place on the list with their music video for the spacey bedroom anthem “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.” A skate video from Colin Kennedy takes a spot in the list as well as a documentary following the NY Giants Chad Jones. It’s all pretty highbrow stuff, but that is why we go to Vimeo in the first place, isn’t it?

You can check out the full list here.