Viral Ghost Elevator Pranksters Are Back With A Whole New Demented Scare [VIDEO]

Okay, someone’s gonna have a heart attack.

In what is an unprecedented coup for NMR, we now have two(!) articles dealing with elevators. Of course it helps that our elevator articles are both tied in to the most bankably-evil pranksters on the planet.

Capitalizing on the 50 million views garnered for their recent prank video in which a ghost girl apparates to torment riders on a malfunctioning elevator, the Brazilian candid camera show is back with an all new terror. The setup for this new one is simple enough:

A couple priests wheel a large coffin onto the infamous elevator and position it against the wall. They then exit to retrieve a large memorial wreath. Before they can return however, the elevator doors clamp shut and the elevator is off — trapping the victim(s) alone inside with the coffin. And then it gets way, way worse.

Honestly, I don’t know how someone hasn’t died from terror during the course of filming this show. These pranks go so far beyond the pale that I can’t possibly imagine what the producers could have left for an elevator encore, except maybe an actual suicide. I’m delighted to say though, I don’t think its past them.

Poop-eating videos and elevator pranks — via the internet, I’m starting to get a pretty clear idea of what Brazil is all about.



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