Viral ‘I Hate Christmas’ Song Warms My Cold, Cold Heart [VIDEO]

It’s a beautiful thing when two separate worlds, North and South America, can find common ground over a dislike of something as pure as Christmas. I just wish the South Americans had brought something a little more coherent to the table.

In this viral video that is rapidly gaining traction (and yet, I feel it will experience a tremendous loss of viewer interest after tomorrow), the Brazilian “Aqua” — “5inco Minutos” (roughly translated as a commentary on the length of career time the group has left) has come out with the English-language-attempted “I Hate Christmas,” an ode to all things un-Yuletide-spirit-ey. And guess what? They are not very good at it.

But surprisingly, I don’t hate these people for it. Rather, I enjoy the sort of bizarre meta-humor they attempt throughout. Why is there a man playing their mother? And why does the lead singer call the other singer “brother” but is a little weird and flirty with him? And how about the fact that they continually call attention to the fact that they are Brazilians singing in English? I almost feel like I am being laughed at, rather than laughed with. And yet, no. These people are oddly clueless.

But since they sing about how much they hate Christmas, I am prepared to call them family.



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