Vitaly TV’s ‘End of the World’ Prank is Hilariously Evil [VIDEO]

Vitaly TV, a YouTube channel hosted by the eponymous Vitaly, has just come out with a dynamite apocalypse prank.

Get this: If you scream “Apocalypse,” turns out you can get others to scream it too. Vitaly, filmed via hidden camera, plays the role of “man on phone at busy bus stop learning that the apocalypse is hitting.” So when he begins freaking out and telling others that “his mom has a car nearby” and that they can “flee the city” from a coming tsunami, it is no surprise that many people believe the boy who cried wolf. But you know what? I would hope they’d believe him. Of course it’s silly that there would be an apocalypse today, but guess what? Strange shit happens.

I actually kind of hoped that the apocalypse did occur today, because how sweet would it have been for the lunatics to be right just once? And how nice would it be to watch all those cynical haters on Twitter suddenly having to scramble for life as fireballs rained down? Actually, that sounds awful. Hopefully the apocalypse is just Mayans running around kicking doubters in the crotch. Yeah … that sounds pretty good.



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