Watch This: Drunken Pop Icon Serenades Unamused London Train Riders

Even after performing an exhausting radio concert for fans last week, 80’s pop star Kim Wilde wasn’t finished yet. She had a few drinks here and there with her brother Ricky, and next thing you know, they’re serenading London commuters who frankly just wanted to get home at the end of the evening.

Wearing glittery red antlers and a big black fur coat, the new wave darling greeted riders with her inebriated renditions of her signature song “Kids In America” and Christmas favorite “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.” This impromptu train performance includes a vibrant Wilde forgetting the lyrics to her own song and mixing up a lyric from “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” with “Deck The Halls.”

Even with her off-key singing and lack of shame, she still got a few applauses from passengers, and more than 1.3 million people on YouTube had the chance to enjoy this out of the ordinary “crazy passenger” bring some holiday cheer.

Watch the impromptu performance below: