Insane YouTube Video Imagines Real Life ‘Fruit Ninja’ Samurai [VIDEO]

“Fruit Ninja,” where you get to slice as many fruits as possible with your sword, is probably one of the most addicting games ever to grace the smartphone. So what happens when you have a burly swordmaster in a forest trying to fend off a flying fruit attack? You’ve got yourself a messy samurai fight.

User scottdw reimagined the very successful smartphone game in his latest YouTube video. In his real life version of “Fruit Ninja” set to dubstep, we have a big mohawked warrior-in-training ready to attack anything that comes his way.

The short video seems reminiscent of scenes from “Kung Fu Panda,” “The Last Warrior” and “The Last Airbender,” although none of the warriors in these films are constantly chopping up watermelons, oranges and Twinkies.

Since it went live three days ago, the video captured more than 3 million views and goes to show everyone else that the “Fruit Ninja” craze hasn’t died yet.


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