Watch This: Lego’s Surprise For Autistic Boy Makes Them The ‘BEST Company In The World’

James Groccia, 11, has been passionate about building Lego toy models since he was four years old. When he wanted their Emerald Night Train Set, which retailed for $100, his parents asked him to save money for it, which he did. It took James, who has Asperger’s syndrome, saving up all his birthday gift money, allowances and money from a research study he participated in to reach his $100 goal.

Unfortunately, his dream model was no longer on store shelves, and getting it as a collectible set would cost him an exorbitant $250. Even though James bought another Lego set, he still couldn’t stop thinking about the Emerald Night Train Set.

Determined to get his dream train set, James wrote a letter to Lego, wondering if the company had any sets left in stock at their headquarters.

He wrote: “I still want the Emerald Night so badly, but there are none to be found.”

Someone at Lego wrote back, breaking to James the bad news that they no longer made the product and hoped that he could find it through independent dealers.

When it looked like things were hopeless in finding an Emerald Night Train Set he could afford, a box came in the mail for James. Check out James’ reaction when he opens his new Emerald Night Train Set and listen to him read the letter from Lego in the viral YouTube video below — it may bring a tear or two to your eyes.


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