Puppy’s Cuteness Too Extreme, Makes Santa Barf in Viral X-Mas Video [VIDEO]

Enjoy your Christmas holiday? Yup. Enjoying being back at work after your Christmas holiday? Nope (fine, you hated your Christmas and/or love being back at work. Here’s the last cookie Santa didn’t eat – now play the fuck along so we can get to the video).

The premise of this video is simple: uber-cute puppy doing uber-cute things set to a tremulous “indie”-sounding cover of “Let it Snow” shot Vimeo-style. Scoff if you will (I can’t scoff — my face has long permanently settled into a grotesque scoff-like visage after having watched too many YouTube videos for a living), but the video’s gone viral. Hence, you must now watch it on NMR, so get your “awwwww” voice ready or else this lil totes adorb pupster violently yanking it out of your pipes is gonna hurt like a mother.

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