Watch This: ‘Reading Rainbow’ Gets the Viral Remix Treatment

Whenever I think of LeVar Burton, it’s either for his role as Geordi La Forge in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” or as the friendly host of one of my favorite PBS programs (and certainly an NMR favorite thanks to our recent interview with Burton) growing up “Reading Rainbow.” One of the things he loved bringing up when he talks about a book in his show is imagination — a good book inspires wonderful ideas wherever you are.

And what’s a better way of inspiring imagination these days than remixing some scenes from “Reading Rainbow”? Similar to his extremely popular “songified” versions of Mr. Rogers, “The Joy of Painting” and Julia Child, Symphony of Silence’s John D. Boswell (Melodysheep) paid tribute to the seminal reading program with this viral video titled “In Your Imagination.” The YouTube video threads interesting catchphrases from Burton’s 23 years as host of the popular public television series and makes them into a harmonious melody.

The only thing that miffs me is that Melodysheep didn’t use the original “Reading Rainbow” theme in his intro. Bummer.


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