Web Designer Howard Pinsky Re-Imagines New YouTube Layout

One of the big problems with the new YouTube layout is that it’s a little bit off-center. How can anyone not notice the big white gap on your right?

A web designer seems to have figured out how to correct that problem. In his blog post for IceFlow Studios, Howard Pinsky describes how he uses Google+ for his inspiration in his mockup of the new YouTube layout.

He wrote in a post about his redesign: “It’s clean, easy to navigate, and the information you’re looking for is readily available. I’ve also implemented the Google+ style buttons on the left side of the page, which will give users an easier path to the pages they’re looking to land on.”

Beside improving the front page, Pinsky also shifted the comments on the video page to the right and said that it would “increase engagement for both content creators and their audiences.”

See and compare the current YouTube layout and Pinsky’s reimagining of the video-sharing site below, and tell us what you think.

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