What’s The Difference Between Holland and the Netherlands? YouTuber C.G.P. Grey Explains [VIDEO]

Ah, Holland. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the place three times, and while it’s known by some of my younger friends as a place to smoke marijuana and to check out scantily clad ladies in shop windows, it has a flat yet beautiful landscape, wonderful museums and the best breakfast food ever — hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) on toast.

However, this country that many of us call Holland doesn’t exist at all. It’s called the Netherlands. So what’s the difference? YouTuber C.G.P. Grey, who makes an effort to have “complex things explained,” gives viewers a geography and history lesson in his latest video “The Difference Between: Holland & The Netherlands (and a whole lot more).” Some of the more confusing things that C.G.P. Grey tries to explain in his video are that even though the Dutch people call their country the Netherlands and many people outside of the Netherlands call it Holland, the country has two provinces named Noord-Holland (North Holland) and Zuid-Holland (South Holland).

Not only does C.G.P. Grey thoroughly explain the difference between Holland and the Netherlands in a very astute tone, his video also features some fascinating graphics and goes beyond the obvious to talk about those little islands in the Caribbean that are Dutch territory. The future of learning is on YouTube, and after 1.6 million views, C.G.P. Grey is getting much-needed attention on this very confusing matter.


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