White Guy Makes Fun of Indian Culture With Punjabi MC Song — How Refreshingly Novel [VIDEO]

Sometimes things go wickedly viral because they showcase a triumph of the human spirit or someone fat gets whacked in the nuts and falls down hard. And sometimes things go viral because hey, shit happens!

This video depicting a doughy knob in a car full of other doughy knobs is more from the latter category. The subject of the video is a white guy doing his best imitation of an Indian (7-11, not “sold Manhattan to the pale faces for $24 and some trinkets”) “Punjabi” song, complete with wailing Indian-sounding gibberish. Well, the guy does it terrifically! He’s got the tone and bleating cadence down pat. My only issue comes from the fact that his moron buddy chose to film what is clearly this year’s “Annie Hall” in “vertical format,” meaning that there are those obnoxious black bars on the sides of what could otherwise be considered an instant YouTube classic. Also, there’s a lot of shaking and “crowd reaction” shots going on. Someone take the smartphone from that man and never give it back.

Oh, and I apologize if that headline makes the ensuing article seem like it is negative or sarcastic in any way. See, I am just so tired of young white guys not making fun of differing cultures that I find it genuinely refreshing to find the one midwest jerk-off willing to tow that line. Shine on, you crazy diamond.


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